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IBS Conferences
IBS Center for Multidimensional Carbon Material 
How to enlarge 2D materials as single crystals?
Turn it around and find the right symmetric code! You may see the transistor of the future from the right balance of rotational symmetries between a substrate and a 2D material.
More about a novel approach to synthesize large-scale of silicon wafer size, single crystalline 2D materials.
IBS Center for Soft and Living Matter
Droplet trains reveal how nature navigates blood traffic
Scientists found alternating flocks in micro-channels and explained how the flocks can be thinned.
<span class="headLine">IBS Center for Nanoparticle Research</span>
Heterogeneous Catalyst Goes Enzymatic
Cooperative interplay between single copper atoms and adjacent titania environment enables low-cost, efficient, and eco-friendly photocatalyst for hydrogen production

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