Dae Wook Kim, Revealing causes of disrupted wake-sleep cycles using mathematical model (BRIC Webinar)

Registration is required to attend this talk (link: https://www.ibric.org/seminar/#), and it will be presented in Korean. Abstract: 생체 시계 (Circadian clock)를 구성하는 핵심 단백질인 PERIOD (PER)의 양은 12시간 동안 증가했다가 12시간 동안 감소하며 24시간 주기로 변화한다. 이 24시간 주기의 PER 리듬이 우리 몸의 시계 역할을 하여 수면 시간 등 다양한 행동 및 생리 작용의 시간을

What is the role of oscillatory signals in intracellular systems?

B305 Seminar room, IBS 55 Expo-ro Yuseong-gu, Daejoen

Oscillatory signals are ubiquitously observed in many different intracellular systems such as immune systems and DNA repair processes. While we know how oscillatory signals are created, we do not fully understand what a critical role they play to regulate signal pathway systems in cells. Recently by using a stochastic nucleosome system, we found that a

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