A workshop on an interdisciplinary approach to sleep disorders (Sleep Tree) was successfully held.

From October 14 to 16, our group members participated in the joint workshop with BEST LAB (Prof. Seo’s lab) in Sungshin Women’s University and Prof. Joo and Choi’s labs in Samsung Medical Center.

It was a wonderful time to share each other’s research and discuss new research ideas. The name of this workshop has been decided as ‘Sleep Tree.’

Welcome our new member!

Dr. Hyun Kim (Postdoctoral fellow) have joined our group from October 18, 2021.

Dr. Hyun Kim received his physics Ph.D. from Korea University. He has researched the network structure underlying the master circadian clock by using the combination of theory and optogenetic experiments.

Revealing sleep patterns reducing ‘daytime sleepiness’ of shift workers. 교대 근무자들 ‘주간 졸림’ 예방하는 수면 패턴 밝혀

삼성서울병원 주은연·최수정·KAIST 김재경 교수 연구팀
수면패턴, 웨어러블 장치 이용해 측정 후 수리 모델로 분석
불규칙한 수면 부작용 최소화하는 ‘디지털 치료제’기대

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