Student Reading

ECOPRO and DIMAG students regularly read some recent combinatorics papers

Time: Mon 4:00~5:30 (KST)
Place: IBS Room 332 (If one asks, we will also stream via zoom)


  • We have a vacation!


  • (23/06/12, Seonghyuk) On the mean square displacement of a random walk on a graph, link
  • (23/06/05, Seonghyuk) On the choosability of H-minor-free graphs, link
  • (23/05/22, Junhyeok) Rainbow Hamiltonicity in uniformly coloured perturbed graphs, link
  • (23/05/15, Myounghwan) A new width parameter of graphs based on edge cuts, link
  • (23/05/08, Minseo) Packings in Dense Regular Graphs, link
  • (23/05/01, Junhyeok) Independence testing for inhomogeneous random graphs, link
  • (23/04/24, Donggyu) Geometric algebra of combinatorial geomtries, link
  • (23/04/17, Seonghyuk) Hypergraph Tur´an densities can have arbitrarily large algebraic degree, link
  • (23/04/10, Junhyeok) Cycles of many lengths in Hamiltonian graphs, link
  • (23/04/03, Jaehyeon) An exponential improvement for diagonal Ramsey, link
  • (23/03/27, Seokbum) A note on the Gyárfás-Sumner conjecture, link
  • (23/03/20, Seonghyuk) Equiangular lines with a fixed angle, link
  • (23/02/17, Seonghyuk) The Minimum Degree Removal Lemma Thresholds, link
  • (23/02/10, Junhyeok) The critical window for the classical Ramsey-Turán problem, link
  • (23/02/03, Jaehyeon) The rainbow saturation number is linear, link
  • (23/01/27, Junhyeok) On the size-Ramsey number of cycles, link
  • (23/01/20, Seonghyuk) Quasirandom forcing orientations of cycles, link
  • (23/01/13, Junhyeok) A note on the trace method for random regular graphs, link
  • (23/01/06, Hyunwoo) Squaring a Tournament: A Proof of Dean’s Conjecture, link
  • (22/12/16, Seokbum) Towards the Erdős-Hajnal conjecture for P5-free graphs, link
  • (22/12/09, Junhyeok) Cats in cubes, link
  • (22/12/02, Seonghyuk) A note on estimating global subgraph counts by sampling, link
  • (22/11/25, Hyunwoo) Where have all the grasshoppers gone?, link
  • (22/11/18, Donggyu) Log-concave polynomials II: High-dimensional walks and an FPRAS for counting bases of a matroid, link
  • (22/11/11, Jaehyeon) Graphs without a rainbow path of length 3, link
  • (22/11/04, Seonghyuk) Extremal graphs without exponentially-small bicliques, link
  • (22/10/28, Hyunwoo) Degree versions of the Erdős–Ko–Rado theorem and Erdős hypergraph matching conjecture, link
  • (22/10/21, Seonghyuk) The spectral even cycle problem, link
  • (22/10/14, Hyunwoo) The limit in the (k + 2, k)-Problem of Brown, Erd\H{o}s and S\'{o}s exists for all k ≥ 2, link
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