Reading Spring 2023

  • Time: every Tuesday 10:00-11:20am (KST)
  • Where: B332
  • Zoom: 984 6685 3918, PW: 202302


02/14Antichain Codes
Zixiang Xu
02/21A new approach for the Brown-Erdos-Sos problem
Jun Gao
02/28Rational Exponents Near Two
Nika Salia
03/07Hasse diagrams with large chromatic number
Minho Cho
03/14Better bounds for the union-closed sets conjecture using the entropy approach
Stijn Cambie
03/21Clique covers of H-free graphs
Suyun Jiang
03/28Optimal thresholds for latin squares, steiner triple systems, and edge colorings
Yuqi Zhao
04/04An oriented discrepancy version of Dirac’s theorem
Bingyu Luan
04/11A multidimensional Ramsey Theorem
Nannan Chen
04/18A note on estimating global subgraph counts by sampling
Lidan Ping
04/25Largest subgraph from a hereditary property in a random graph
Xia Wang
05/02The maximum number of triangles in a graph of given maximum degree
Lan Wei
05/09Planar Turan numbers of cubic graphs and disjoint union of cycles
Fan Yang
05/16Maximal 3-wise Intersecting Families with Minimum Size: the Odd Case
Lin Sun
05/23Slicing all Edges of an n-cube Requires n^{2/3} Hyperplanes
Haotian Yang
05/30A lower bounding for set-coloring ramsey numbers
Xiaowei Yu
06/06Sharper bounds on the Fourier concentration of DNFs
Fan Chang
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