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Versatile Sensor Against Tumor Initiating Cells

Versatile Sensor Against Tumor Initiating Cells New sensor identifies and suppresses tumor initiating cells, also known as cancer stem cells, in various cancer tissues and may lead to new approaches to prevent relapse and metastasisA team of researchers at the Center for Self-assembly and Complexity developed the first fluorescent sensor to visualize TICs. Functional in lung, central nervous system, melanoma, breast, renal, ovarian, colon, and prostate cancer cell cultures, this could become a useful tool for biopsy-free post-treatment assessment and anti-TIC drug development.DETAIL VIEW

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IBS Research 9th

IBS Research 9th

The late Director Charles Surh was one of the world's leading authorities in the study of T cells who provided the breakthrough clue in the study of the immune tolerance of gut microbes.

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