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Our mission is to attract 500 outstandingly talented individuals (including scholars and young scientists) from overseas by 2017. Talents will join the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) as part of the International Science and Business Belt (ISBB).


The International Science and Business Belt (ISBB) requires outstanding researchers to conduct innovative research projects that will help boost the ISBB’s stature as an international research hub. The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST) aims to overcome limitations of growth by adopting a strategy to secure advanced and emerging technologies through groundbreaking research into the basic sciences.

Promotional Activities and Methods

  • Promotional Activities
    • Recruit researchers to work in the IBS’s world-class research environment.
    • Prepare foundations for recruitment by building a heavy-ion accelerator in the ISBB, and by attracting high-caliber research institutions at home and abroad.
  • Promotional Methods
    • Establish a world-class, autonomous, and stable research environment to maximize the creativity of researchers (e.g., stable employment, great working conditions, and excellent opportunities for individual scientists).
    • Build a pleasant, comfortable, and convenient residential environment for foreign scientists and their families.
    Initial promotions to attract overseas talent to the IBS research center

Role & Qualifications by Organization

Head of Research Center

  • The director has authority over research-center operations (e.g., budget allocation, staff composition, research topics), and serves as the group’s representative.

  • The director must be able to commit long-term to research-center operations and activities.

  • The director must be someone with world-class scientific credentials.

  • The director must be able to execute and manage large-scale research assignments. 

  • Once selected, the directors will become regular employees at affiliated institutes, or tenured researchers at the IBS. If necessary, directors may be dispatched to an equivalent research center if they have previously worked as an active, permanent professor at an affiliated institute.

Research Center: Main Selection Process

  • Unearthing & Building a Candidate Poo(Responsible: Director) - Unearthing of candidates by director , Building a pool of candidates , Analysis of research results
  • Selection(Responsible: Selection Committee) - Selection of individuals for evaluation, Composition of evaluation committee by candidate type, Colleague evaluation (public symposium and debate, reference letter, General evaluation
  • Consultation & Appointment(Responsible: Director) - Consultation by scientific advisory panel, Selection of final candidates and negotiations on research conditions, Decision & appointment by director

Group leader

  • Each group leader is responsible for a specific group within the research center. Each has authority over and responsibility for research topics, 5-10 staff members, the budget, and more. 


Every group leader is handpicked by the research director, and needs to satisfy the following requirements:

  • A group leader must be a researcher who can commit long-term to research-center projects.

  • Have a doctoral degree, can demonstrate excellent research achievements, and is highly competent in their chosen field.

  • After group leaders have been recruited by the research directors or through public recruitment channels, they will be employed either as tenure-track researchers or as permanent researchers in affiliated organizations. If necessary, it will be possible to dispatch group leaders to research centers if they have completed permanent professorships at affiliated organizations.


  • Researchers conduct research in teams, taking direction from the research director and the group leader. 

  • Researchers must be able to demonstrate excellent research achievements and show real research potential. In addition, researchers must have excellent team skills and be able to collaborate effectively with their research directors and group leaders. 

  • Researchers are recruited through public recruitment channels, in accordance with the needs of the research director (See the employment page). Permanent or contractor-based employment may be offered by research directors.

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